A Bit of BS (building science, that is)

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6.5.15 blogThe more I talk with home owners and residents, the more I realize how much they…you…really do want to improve your living space. That was evident by how busy our table was at The Oasis Open House this weekend (a great day, even with the soggy weather). Yet I continually hear from builders and members of the home industry that home owners and residents “just don’t get it.”  Yet our homes are quite complex these days and are made up of dozens of building materials, products, equipment and finishes! That’s a lot to know.

Personally, my mission is to be part of the solution to this by providing a communication link between the home industry (builders, architects, manufacturers and other services for our homes) and us – the consumer, home owner and resident! If we, the consumers, can better express our wants and needs AND the home industry voices the benefits and value of their offerings, then we all can contribute to improving our living spaces and businesses we want to support. Part of the conundrum has been how to illustrate basic BS (Building Science, that is) in a way that consumers can digest. I don’t claim to have THE answer yet I am willing to take a stab at it with our “sound bite” videos about different components of homes and why they matter. So check out our YouTube Playlist “A Bit of BS (building science, that is) Check Out The Playlist HERE and let me know what you think. If you like this approach, please leave a comment on what topics you’d like to see!

P.S. The Oasis Open House, May 30th was a great success even with the soggy weather.  Hundreds of people came through this high performance home for a first-hand look at comfort in style!  You can learn more about The Oasis and its many elements (including Building Science) in the Project link and the Gallery link.

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