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Resources and Materials – The Stuff Our Homes Are Made Of

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Once upon a time, people used the resources and materials around them and that is what there homes were made of. As the world has become a smaller place, materials used to build a house may come from anywhere and everywhere. Resources are a key part of the construction of the home. Home builders and home [...]

Why you should HomeNav

– Posted in: Appliances, Green Homes, Home Inventory, Home Maintenance Checklists, Home Organization, Homeowners, Insights

This whole thing started with HomeNav – the online homeowners’ manual I created for you – the home owner and resident. Why should you HomeNav? Insider tip…if nothing else, sign up for your complimentary account for the maintenance checklists and green resources. With HomeNav, you are one step closer to protecting your home and going [...]

Home Automation Featuring: The Sound Room

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Home automation and technology is a hot topic!  To learn more, HomeNav visited a local home automation and technology company,  The Sound Room.  The team at The Sound Room (in Chesterfield, for our St. Louis people) helped us understand the basics of home automation systems. Home automation can include basic home controls (temperature, lighting, etc.) [...]

More Than Home Inventory Software

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HomeNav Is A Whole Home Management System Home Inventory Software is a hot topic. Many are looking for ways to protect their home and their belongings. HomeNav does make it easy to create a Smart Home Inventory that is stored safely in an easy to access online account, but it does so much more. Because HomeNav makes [...]

User Manuals and Much More

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User Manuals and Much More, Right At Your Fingertips The average home in the U.S. has a minimum of 75 systems which are relied on every day. These range from the kitchen and household appliances to heating and cooling systems and even home maintenance and lawn care equipment. Every one of these comes with a [...]

Keeping Your Smart Home Inventory Updated

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Keep Your Home Inventory Updated with HomeNav

Keeping Your Smart Home Inventory Current With there being so many aspects to your home, things are always changing. You add new appliances, things break and are repaired or replaced and existing systems are upgraded. As you make changes to your home, it is important to remember to update your home inventory as well. Thankfully, [...]