HomeNav Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What is HomeNav?

A: HomeNav is a way to enhance your relationship with your homeowner clients by providing a tool that will protect their investment and grow with their needs over time.  HomeNav’s smart home inventory tool is the “back up” for a home – for replacement, for repair and maintenance, for peace of mind.

HomeNav’s interactive smart home inventory tool allows you to create a homeowners manual that provides one place, online, to put all of the information about a home; systems, appliances, fixtures and even paint colors, with web links and file uploads to complete the information.  Easily add support information like emergency contacts, contractors, and utilities.  The HomeNav homeowner resource section includes “how to” information, maintenance checklists, product research, healthy living, and green building/remodeling information.

Q: Can’t I store home information some other way?

A: Sure. You can use bits of paper or a list in a binder or even alternative software designed to help organize home information. Many people do. But records on paper are usually not very complete and difficult to keep up to date. It is also much more difficult and time-consuming to keep comprehensive records on paper. Paper records also cannot automatically point to and open web-sites, documents, photos and other computer programs for you. Paper records don’t easily provide you with reports that you can store, share, e-mail or archive; nor do paper records allow easy additions of new items, or sorts the items. HomeNav provides an easy to use, interactive tool to manage your home information online.

Q: How Can Green Home Industry professionals to use HomeNav?

A: We work with Home Industry Professionals everyday that use HomeNav in a lot of different ways. Here are just a few:

  • Upload inspection reports and other documents needed for selling the home
  • Showcase complete inventory of details and selling features to homebuyers
  • Access home maintenance and operation information, as well as warranty, operation and repair information for inventory of appliances, systems and fixtures
  • Easy to update with new purchases or when changes have been made to the home, such as an addition or remodeling project
  • Protects a homeowner’s investment in their home. HomeNav not only provides lasting benefits to your clients, but also enhances your relationship with them. Your company logo and contact information is permanently displayed in the homeowners account for as long as the account exists and you’ve provided them with a resource that will enhance their homeownership experience as well as grow with their needs.

Q: What are some examples of how green homeowners can use HomeNav?

A: HomeNav was created with the green homeowner in mind. There are many ways green homeowners use HomeNav. Here are some examples:

  • When painting a room, take a picture of the paint formula on the can and upload the photo into your HomeNav account.  Then that information is easily available when it’s time to make touch-ups or repaint the room.
  • When the carpets are cleaned, scan the receipt and upload it into HomeNav (many companies are now offering to email receipts, so then you can download the receipt into HomeNav).  Now the contact information for the company  used and the date the carpets were cleaned are easily accessible in HomeNav.
  • When planning a home remodeling project, add the model, make and manufacturer information about the new products into HomeNav and include a photo journal of the project progress from start to finish. The site plans can also be uploaded for future reference.

Q: Can I brand the tool for my home industry business?

A:  Absolutely.  Your company’s logo and contact information will be prominently displayed in HomeNav, so that it’s the first thing people see when they open an account that has been branded for your company. Your company information will be part of the clients account for as long as the account exists.

Q: As a home industry builder, what if I don’t have time to populate HomeNav?

A: HomeNav offers a Builder’s Services Packages that includes customizing the tool with local utility and contractor contact information as well as documenting up to “75″ components and major systems installed in the home.

Q: Can I upload videos into HomeNav?

A: We recommend uploading videos to YouTube and then embedding the link into your HomeNav account in the appropriate web link.  This would be a great way to create a short video highlighting the features of a home.

Q: How can I learn more? Can I try it?

A: Yes. You can sign up for a free membership.  After deciding to continue your membership past the 90 days, the data you have stored in your trial version will not be lost, so you won’t have to start over.