An Owners’ Manual for Green and Soon-to-Be Green Homes

Protect, Maintain and Green your home with HomeNav®. HomeNav’s homeowner friendly tool stores all of the home information in one place – safe, in the cloud and always at your fingertips.


Home Inventory Made Simple

Our Smart Home Inventory Tool Stores Emergency Contacts, Utility Information, Warranties, Photos, Files,Scans And Web Links. When You Go To HomeNav®, All Of Your Important Information Is Just Clicks Away.


Track Seasonal Maintenance

When another season passes, you will never be left wondering what you could or should have done around your home. With our season home maintenance checklists, we help you to maintain a long life for your home.


Greentain® Your Home

Greentain®, our green living guide, helps you understand ways to live a greener lifestyle. From recycling and renewable energy solutions, to energy and water solutions, as well as local public transportation, HomeNav’s Greentain has you covered.


Let Us Do The Research For You

Our Home Experts Are Continually Finding, Analyzing And Providing The Latest And Best Websites, Resources, And Troubleshooting Tips To Help You Better Understand And Maintain Your Home.


Green Home Pros Now Have A New Tool In Their Toolbox

Green Home Builders and Home Pros have a smarter way to certify their green homes and projects.

Green Homeowners Manual

All-In-One Home Manual

Provide your clients peace-of-mind with the HomeNav Smart Home Inventory tool. Emergency contacts, warranty information, photos, web links and documents all in one place. Your customers also receive access to HomeNav researched resources to maintain their home.

HomeNav Is A Green Certified Product

Green Certified Product

HomeNav helps builders and remodelers meet the Homeowner Education and Documentation Requirements of Green Home Certification.


Single & Multi-Unit Solutions

HomeNav’s unique service & software solution offers a customizable approach to multi home projects (single or multi-family) targeting the right information for project developers, owners and managers AND homeowners and occupants.


Stay Top Of Mind...

Engage with your clients for increased project satisfaction, generate repeat business and referrals with HomeNav’s co-branding and customized contractor information.

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