Home Inventory – The First Steps

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Home Inventory – Getting Started

Starting your home inventory may seem like a huge task. When you look around your home, inventorying all of your belongings can seem very overwhelming and keep you from getting started. To ease this, start by thinking about 2 major factors, which items are the most valuable and which ones do you rely on most? Beginning with these few major items, your Smart Home Inventory from HomeNav, will start taking shape in no time.

We believe the first steps should be to address the items in your home that you rely on everyday. By starting here, inventorying the most important items can accomplished in as little as 15 minutes. Once done, you will be well on your way to protecting your home. You will need a HomeNav account which is free. You can sign up here.

Begin With What You Rely On Most

There are systems in your home that you use everyday without giving them much thought… until there is a problem. These include kitchen appliances, heating and cooling and the water heater to name a few. In most cases, these are systems homeowners rarely need think about, but in fact, they comprise a large a large segment of your homes valuables. These are items that would need to be replaced should your home suffer major damage. This is where the Smart Home Inventory becomes interactive. Because many of these systems require at least some maintenance, by documenting them with HomeNav, you will automatically be connected with a wealth of resources specific to your home. This can come in handy whether you are looking for repair information or needing to replace one appliance or all of them.

To help you get started, we have put together The Smart Home Inventory – First Steps Checklist that can be downloaded here. This valuable tool will help you begin your home inventory by listing all of the information for the major systems and appliances in your home.

Once you have completed the First Steps checklist, log into your HomeNav account, enter the information including the brand names, models, serial numbers and upload pictures if possible and that’s all it takes. Your Smart Home Inventory is well underway.

By beginning your home inventory with major appliances and systems, these important features are protected. This is also great documentation if you decide to sell your home because the Smart Home Inventory allows you to also update and store maintenance records and other information which can be very reassuring to a perspective buyer.



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