Why You Need A Smart Home Inventory

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Why You Need A Home InventoryProtecting Your Belongings

Creating a home inventory is an essential part of home ownership. It will serve as the road map for your family to return to some type of normalcy, should disaster ever strike. With recent high profile natural disasters, many have found themselves at a loss when attempting to piece together records and information. These are required in order to file an accurate insurance claim to replace lost and damaged belongings. This can also serves as proof of ownership in the case of theft.

By creating a detailed home inventory, you will be able to avoid this time consuming and potentially heart wrenching process, should you find yourself dealing with the unthinkable.

Home Inventory Is Not Just For Disaster

While most envision a home inventory as a tool for insurance purposes, there are other reasons to document belongings. Being able to locate important documents, seldom used items and valuables becomes easy when you have created a searchable record of your home.

Another use for your home inventory is to stay organized. By routinely updating and adding more in depth information as well as new items, all of the details of any part of your home or its contents can be accessed from one location. This comes in handy when you need to replace an air filter or are looking to upgrade appliances and home systems.

Smart Home Inventory

HomeNav makes it possible to build your personal Smart Home Inventory. A Smart Home Inventory not only helps you create a detailed list of the contents of your home, but provides you with an interactive method for documenting and maintaining the systems of you home.

With our extensive database of home system information, you are connected to the experts on the items in your home that you and your family rely on everyday. Such as, heating and cooling, roofing, electrical, kitchen appliances and much, much more.

Since HomeNav is free to homeowners and easy to use, getting started with your Smart Home Inventory just makes sense. Use it to not only protect your home and belongings but to make maintaining your home much easier, leaving more time to enjoy your home.

Click here to join HomeNav and get started building your free smart home inventory with HomeNav.

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