5 Ways HomeNav Helps Homeowners Stay Organized

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Keeping Homeowners Organized With HomeNav

Helping Homeowners

Homeowners are always faced with a constant stream of information. New items, repairs to existing items, replacement parts and upgrades to the components of their homes. This can often turn into an un-organized pile of receipts, warranty cards and owners manuals. Even those of us that use a filing system for these items can run into trouble when trying to find the correct file.

The good news is that HomeNav has been designed to help you eliminate the hassle of  organizing this information. It is right at your fingertips when you need it. There are many ways to use the Smart Home Inventory to stay organized but here are a few of the most useful.

5 Ways HomeNav Helps Homeowners Stay Organized

1. Upload Receipts

Organize ReceiptsKeeping a copy of the receipt from a purchase doesn’t always seem necessary…. until you need it. There is nothing more frustrating as homeowners, than needing to return an item or provide proof of purchase and not being able to find the receipt. With HomeNav, you can create a record for any item or service. Then attach either a scanned file or picture of your receipts. This makes it easy to access them when ever or where ever you need them.

2. Warranty Information

Product warranty informationIt always seems that things break either right before or right after the warranty is up. To ensure that you know when the warranty of an item and what is covered, simply add it to the item’s record within HomeNav. When you purchase an item, upload an scanned image of the warranty documents. Depending on the item, HomeNav may be able to connect your item record to the manufacturer’s warranty website!

3. Owner’s Manuals

Organizing Owners Manuals

Most homeowners have that drawer where they keep the stacks of owner’s manuals. Everything from toasters to weed whackers have an owner’s manual. These sit  in a file, taking up space until something breaks or needs to be serviced. Then it becomes a huge hassle to sort through the information to find the item’s manual, in the right language that has the information you need. Since HomeNav allows you to connect directly to the manufacturer’s website, you can recycle that stack of paper and eliminate clutter.

4. Add Your Own Helpful Resources

Homeowners Resources“Where did I see that article about ….?” As you find information on maintaining your home on the web or in publications, you can add them to your HomeNav. By uploading a magazine article or linking to an informative website, you will be able to find the information you need and access it when you need it. So when you need to remember how to do seasonal maintenance around your home, you won’t forget what you did last year!

5. Service Records

Home Service RecordsCreate your own home maintenance schedule and create documentation of services that are performed on items in your home. HomeNav’s database of information also helps you find out what need to be done and how often. This ensures accurate records if there is ever an issue and is valuable information, should you ever sell your home.

Homeowners have a lot to keep track of. With HomeNav all of the information about your home is kept in one place for when you need it!

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