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HomeNav Is A Whole Home Management System

Home Inventory Software is a hot topic. Many are looking for ways to protect their home and their belongings. HomeNav does make it easy to create a Smart Home Inventory that is stored safely in an easy to access online account, but it does so much more. Because HomeNav makes it possible for you to interact with data about your home, it becomes the centralized resource for managing it as well.

Finding Home Resources

Within your HomeNav account there are hundreds of resources that connect you to information from experts that are specific to the topics you need. Whether you are looking for repair tips, remodeling advice or energy saving options? You can find it right from your HomeNav dashboard.

Need to troubleshoot an appliance? Connect with manufacturers’ technical support or find the owners manual. Also find parts and service providers in your area.

Do you want to replace your kitchen counter tops? Learn about materials, how to care for them and even “do it yourself” options that help you to make smart decisions.

Because you are able to store this information in HomeNav, it can be included as additional details for your home inventory as well.

Organize Service Provider and Other Important Contacts

Within your HomeNav dashboard, you can store contact information for all service providers such as builders, repair services  and contractors. This makes it easy to find who has performed work for you in your home. Most people don’t need to call their favorite painter or plumber often, but when the need arises, you can access them easily from HomeNav.

HomeNav also makes it possible to store, save and print emergency contact information as well. Police, Fire, Poison Control and utility emergency information can be accessed from anywhere, via the internet.

Flexible Home Management

HomeNav is a very useful tool for managing your home. Flexibility is the key to allowing you to customize and manage as much or as little information as you feel is needed. The more you add, the more complete and useful it becomes. For more information on using HomeNav for home inventory and more, see our video tutorials.

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