Remember the Jetsons?

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I grew up watching the Jetsons and loved it. All of the gadgets and gizmos that made home life so convenient, efficient and fun. With home technology and automation available today, that “home of the future,” the home of the Jetsons, is here now. A home where the lights turn on as you drive up to your driveway, the thermostat automatically turns on the heat or air conditioning so it’s just right when you get home, and the coffee maker has your coffee hot and steaming when you get up. We are even starting to see refrigerators that let us know when we run out of milk and dishwashers that run when electricity is the least costly.

Home automation is a perfect fit for today’s homes and contributes to green and sustainable design principles. Add home technology to other popular green design concepts to maximize the benefit of the total systems. Lighting technology and controls may be coupled with daylighting and automated blinds and curtains to control light and heat for optimum comfort and maximum light where and when it is needed – a big plus for our lifestyles. Communicating thermostats and controls with temperature and humidity sensors offer an excellent solution for a comfortable indoor environment that takes advantage of the energy-efficiency of the systems in the home.

Home technology and automation enable us to live safely and comfortably in our homes while maximizing energy, cost savings, and convenience.

For more about Home Technology and Automation, check out my article Home Technology in Green Design in Green Home Builder Magazine September/October 2015 issue (p.74). I’d love to hear what home technology and automation you’ve implemented or considered.

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