Could Your Tax Refund Grow Green?

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could your tax refund grow green Could Your Tax Refund Grow Green?

Spring is in the air…finally!  Spring not only means green in our yards, but also brings the green of taxes!  Tax season is an exciting, albeit stressful time of the year. After getting all your taxes together and filed,  many of us are planning how to use any refund we are getting.  People are understanding the importance of energy-efficiency and green and how to implement it into their homes, be it energy efficient appliances, new roofs, updated windows or solar panels. Even though the 2013 tax season is over don’t discredit any updates for next year’s tax season. Be on the lookout for great deals and rebates for 2014.


So now that spring is here and things are blooming (which is awesome and making nature looking BEAUTIFUL) most people  are ready  to do more and get out of the house.  Many of us have been stuck inside for months now and I’m sure some things in your home have been over worked or not maintained properly. Spring is not only spring cleaning time, but a great time to plan some improvements with that hard earned refund.   What  are you finding that may need some love?  Is it your HVAC, windows, appliances, yard work?

Spring is a great time  to tune up your HVAC unit, wash and reseal your windows, and check out appliances for a good cleaning or a whole new update.

Spring is also  a good time to get caught up on yard work:  Cleaning up leaves, getting that first spring grass cut and inspecting outside appliances and home systems. Be sure to check your AC unit to make sure that the fins are clean and straight, and that it is working properly, or schedule your HVAC professional to do it. With all the spring showers, inspecting gutters is a must as well. Poorly maintained gutters not only don’t do the job, but can also cause harmful water damage and foundation issues.   Although the roof is a little out of our reach think about calling someone in to get a good look at it for leaks and loose shingles.

Many of these maintenance items can be done with a little bit of elbow grease and a call to a home professional  as needed.   A complete set of Maintenance Checklists and planning for updates guide may be found in the Maintenance section of Homeowner Resources in your HomeNav .

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Avatar Laundry form edinburgh June 12, 2014, 5:14 am

Yes! everything in this post is totally true! Spring is best moment to have this all done.

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