Nicole EsserNicole Esser

Nicole is interning for the summer doing graphic design work as well as some editing work. She is currently in the midst of a Masters degree in architecture at Tulane University in New Orleans with a minor in French language. She finds herself truly fortunate to get to study her passions in one of the most amazing cities in the world and finds the design of everything from the biggest picture to the most minuscule detail is of the utmost importance. One of the most exciting things for her is to be able to see where new technologies can take green building. She has a love for great design, new innovations, and cheese!

Trent Esser

Trent is chief video editor and e-design intern for HomeNav.  He excels at the technology side of video editing and special effects with a good eye for design and a good ear for the right music and sound effects.  Trent is an avid snowboarder and videographer and won 5th place in the Camp of Champions (snowboard and ski camp) Video Intern contest.  He attends high school and also works as a coach and videographer for a gymnastics school.  He is often upside down with his snowboarding, trampolining and past hip hop experience.  In addition to his love for filming/editing, Trent swims for his high school swim team and still finds time to hang out with friends.

Brenda RivasBrenda Rivas

As HomeNav’s COO, Brenda brings to our team a vast array of experience from her 10+ years spent helping companies successfully transform their business. From start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, from environmental companies to real estate firms, to information driven businesses, law firms, to technology implementations, her experience working across a variety of industries and with all levels in organizations enables her to provide significant insight and value to HomeNav.  She is masterful at managing large, complex change programs, at aligning leaders and their teams with business strategy and at developing creative ways of helping companies through major transformations.

Brenda strives to model the way for work/life balance, as she is also the proud mother of three very active kids. She has a passion for traveling, cooking, and entertaining.

Krissy Truesdale

Krissy is an intern working with HomeNav over the summer. Although she works remotely, living in New Hampshire, she contributes by helping to make videos and gives input on other various projects for the HomeNav website. Krissy loves mulling over puzzles and figuring out how things work together in order to better understand a problem and come up with a solution.

Krissy is going into her junior year at Philips Exeter Academy and is eager to learn as much as possible about sustainability and her role in the preservation of natural resources.  In the fall she is headed to the Island School in the Bahamas to participate in an intense study program focused solely on the environment.

Her father is a carpenter, and she would frequent his job sites growing up, leading to an interest in buildings and construction at a very young age.

By joining the HomeNav team, Krissy gets to blend together her two passions, building and environmental sustainability, and learn from the more experienced members of the group.  Aside from HomeNav, she is starting her own non-profit aimed at providing solar power to the “Superheroes” in her community (e.g. veterans, active soldiers, fire fighters, police officers, teachers, etc.) to help lower their utility bills, promote green energy, and give back to those who have given so much.

Stephanie Morris

Stephanie Morris

Stephanie is the “go to” team member for implementing HomeNav projects and “pinch hitter” for research and web projects. She’s worked with Sustaining Spaces and HomeNav in a variety of functions since 2010. She earned a BA in Psychology from the University of MO-Columbia and a Master of Business Administration from the University of MO-St. Louis. By day she works in the Retail Operations department at the Save-A-Lot corporate office. Stephanie’s diverse background and skills make her a great “go to” team member for us! Stephanie and Marla met though the green community in St. Louis and Stephanie continues this interest through her work with us and her volunteer work.


Danielle Drapp

Lindsey Molner

Lindsey joined HomeNav to build her repertoire in “green home stuff” and attempt to keep us all on track with projects. She is spearheading a new section of the HomeNav website on Green Homes and works to help get the HomeNav message to all that can benefit from it. With a BA in Interior Design and a minor in Business from Missouri State, she was well suited to help us toe the line for “all things home’s”, striving to accomplish these and much more.  She loves being creative, learning new things, and being innovative.  Lindsey is always looking for ideas, or opportunities to expand her knowledge.  Looking at the big picture, Lindsey wants to be an innovative designer of spaces and things.


Brent Williams