What You Need to Know About Eco-Friendly Bath Tile Materials

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  If you’re dedicated to eco-friendly efforts throughout your lifestyle, there’s good news: your design no longer has to suffer due to your conscience! Eco-friendly tiles can offer incredible style for your bathroom. Even better, there are a variety of styles to choose from, so you can be sure you’ll find something that will work [...]

Why you should HomeNav

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This whole thing started with HomeNav – the online homeowners’ manual I created for you – the home owner and resident. Why should you HomeNav? Insider tip…if nothing else, sign up for your complimentary account for the maintenance checklists and green resources. With HomeNav, you are one step closer to protecting your home and going [...]

Home Automation Featuring: The Sound Room

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Home automation and technology is a hot topic!  To learn more, HomeNav visited a local home automation and technology company,  The Sound Room.  The team at The Sound Room (in Chesterfield, for our St. Louis people) helped us understand the basics of home automation systems. Home automation can include basic home controls (temperature, lighting, etc.) [...]

Could Your Tax Refund Grow Green?

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could your tax refund grow green

Could Your Tax Refund Grow Green? Spring is in the air…finally!  Spring not only means green in our yards, but also brings the green of taxes!  Tax season is an exciting, albeit stressful time of the year. After getting all your taxes together and filed,  many of us are planning how to use any refund [...]

Keeping Your Smart Home Inventory Updated

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Keep Your Home Inventory Updated with HomeNav

Keeping Your Smart Home Inventory Current With there being so many aspects to your home, things are always changing. You add new appliances, things break and are repaired or replaced and existing systems are upgraded. As you make changes to your home, it is important to remember to update your home inventory as well. Thankfully, [...]