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Find Homeowner Resources with HomeNavUser Manuals and Much More, Right At Your Fingertips

The average home in the U.S. has a minimum of 75 systems which are relied on every day. These range from the kitchen and household appliances to heating and cooling systems and even home maintenance and lawn care equipment. Every one of these comes with a user manual.

The user manual is a wealth of information, but once the device is in service, it is filed away or stashed away in a drawer. There they all sit, until there is a need to refer to them for service, parts or manufacturer information. As these booklets pile up, (keep in mind, you should have at a minimum, 75 of them) they can become misplaced, damaged or even thrown away. Even if you are organized and can find them, user manuals don’t typically have all of the details, such as serial numbers, purchase date and price, or the history of service and repairs that have been made.

Find User Manuals and Home System Information Quick and Easy

With HomeNav, there is no need to keep track of the user manual and other paperwork associated with your home systems. It is able to be stored, organized and accessed when you need it. The best part is, when your home is managed from HomeNav, you get a lot more than just a nifty record keeping system. (Although we think it’s a pretty nifty tool for that.) You get instant connection to the manufacturer, industry experts and their advice on each of your specific home systems.

Easy To Use HomeNav Dashboard

As you can see below, all you have to do is log in to your HomeNav Dashboard to see the many resources connected to your home’s features (home features do need to be entered first).

HomeNav Dashboard to access user manuals

Select the feature you want more information on. In this case it is the refrigerator.

user manuals for home features

From the individual feature page, you are connected with a multitude of information that is centered around the exact make and model you need to know more about.

user manuals and more from homenav

This level of information is available for close to 400 different home feature types with more being added all the time. As for connecting to manufacturers, there are a seeming endless number of home system manufacturers that have been compiled within HomeNav. Here you are directly linked to manufacturers’ web sites for user manuals, care and maintenance suggestions and service and parts providers.

Each home feature type may also be connected to a wealth of useful information. These valuable resources guide you through learning about energy efficiency, selecting new systems and what industry pros are saying about the latest technology.

Access Home System Information With HomeNav For Free

All of this is provided at no cost for homeowners with your free membership. So there is no reason to waste time digging for your dishwasher manual when the seal begins to leak, or to rummage through drawers to discover that the user manual for the water softener has disappeared. You just have to log in to HomeNav.

If you are not yet a HomeNav member, you can sign up for free here!

HomeNav gives you control over the information for your home, allowing you to spend less time maintaining your home and more time enjoying it with your family.

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