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The smarter way to certify Green Homes and Projects.

I am Marla Esser, the inventor and designer of HomeNav® – an owners’ manual for green homes.  HomeNav is a “done for you” solution that offers an easy to use format, smart home inventory tool and resource library to help you meet your green certification requirements with ease.  HomeNav is patent-pending and is a Home Innovation  Research Labs NGBS Green Certified™ Product. It earned the state of Missouri Woman Business Enterprise certification under its parent company, Sustaining Spaces, LLC.


HomeNav works.

It’s a powerful tool that provides high touch support and resources for the homeowner while simplifying the green certification process.

My Build Green, Go Green, Live Green philosophy offers resources and tools for home industry pros and homeowners to learn more about green…and how to get started, a little or a lot.  My company, Sustaining Spaces LLC, offers consulting and education to fulfill this mission.

I can usually be found connecting – things, people, places and ideas!  Connecting the seemingly random to find an out-of-box solution is one of my favorite pastimes.  This ability has enabled me to bring together experiences across many industries, companies, and volunteer organizations to craft solutions to real challenges.  I am hands-on with both building and entrepreneurial groups and I am working on the “longest running volunteer stint” with my alma mater, Washington University, where I earned a B.S. in Engineering and Public Policy and a Certificate in Energy.

The HomeNav Team brings our unique service/software solution to you! 

I hope you find HomeNav to be an asset to your business, organization and family.